That warm grateful feeling...

We cannot feel grateful and angry at the same time. Practicing gratitude can completely change our mental state from a place of lack and frustration; to a state of calm, and eventually inner contentment and satisfaction.

Start a regular practice and make it a routine.

It can be super hard making a new habit, or changing behavior… Start by implementing these steps and you will be on your way to practicing gratitude all day and every day. Every morning over your cuppa (no matter where you are) you can find, list or say out loud your gratitude list. Associating it with something you do each day helps to make it a habit.

Keep yourself accountable.

Share your list with a friend each morning, text yourself, your spouse your mum, whoever it may be. Sharing and exchanging it with someone will help you lift your game and hold yourself accountable. Allow others to benefit from your gratitude practice, too. You never know the positive impact you may be having on someone.

 Practice gratitude even when you don’t feel like it.

And change your state, once you start to practice gratitude when you don’t feel like it, you can shift your focus to the positive feelings it generates.

Change your perspective.

A positive benefit of a gratitude practice is when you can shift your perspective from one of confusion “things are happening to me” to one of trust and faith “things are happening for me” and accepting things you cannot control.

Keep it topped up constantly.

Then… whenever you need to, if you ever feel angry, just going in and listing or talking about 3 things you are grateful for dramatically enhances your mood, state, and perspective. Just finding 3 and saying them to yourself, is an amazing strategy.

By Amy Benn

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