6 Indoor plants to help you; Sleep, Rest, Breathe, Work and Study.

Indoor plants are back in fashion, at the front of florists windows and Melbourne has warehouses dedicated to stocking every variety for your home. Being less of a commitment than a fish, and providing multiple benefits to your health and well-being, take advantage of bringing the outdoors in and reap the benefits. Listed below are some great varieties for specific purposes and how to care for them. Discover the benefits of an indoor plant for your wellness! Including; Sleeping, Resting, Breathing, Air Purification and including a sense of Well-being. They make the perfect addition to any room, or gift!



1.    PEACE LILY - Also known as a Spathiphyllum. The larger leaves create greater surface area availability for photosynthesis. Perfect for your bedroom as it filters the air whilst you sleep and then during the day. It needs medium sunlight, preferably weekly watering and avoid standing water. Does well with a good fertilizer too.

2.    BOSTON FERN – Also highly effective at air purification, though does well with minimal light and regular watering. Keep the soil moist but not soggy to mimic the tropical environment it thrives in.  

3.  BAMBOO PALM – Grows large and tall, has the ability to filter a lot of air and fill large spaces. Great to bring a tropical feel into your work place of office and a reminder of your last or upcoming getaway! It is quite resilient and does well in dark to light places. It enjoys regular watering to keep the soil moist and ensure proper draining, remove dead leaves regularly.   



4. SPIDER PLANT - Super easy to grow, super small and so great for beginners. This one is very easy to look after, does well in filtered direct sunlight close to a window, fortnightly watering (though can go for longer) and is great for dark rooms, entrances, book shelves and living spaces. Also good for offices and work spaces and helps to lower carbon dioxide levels.

5. GARDEN MUM - Also known as a Chrysanthemum, a great filter and can be planted outside after flowering. Needs bright indirect light to flourish properly, and regular (2-3 times a week) of watering to keep the soil damp.

6. Fig Tree – Pleasing on the eye, the fig tree has the potential to grow big and fill white space with its expansive leaves. Fig trees like ongoing filtered light, and likes a good drench once a month.

 By Amy Benn

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