4 Major benefits to tracking your sleep

Smart watches, phones, fit bits and gamins make it incredibly easy to track our sleep. Utilizing this technology to learn about our sleeping patterns, and potentially improve our well-being, as sleep is so critical to our health. Benefits include.

1. Awareness is Key.

Looking back on a full recorded week or sleep, and discovering there have been multiple nights of poor or limited sleep in a row, can give reason for potential symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion. The simple act of tracking your sleep, can point out areas where you actually don’t sleep enough. 7-9 hours a night is optimal, though naps through the day can be included. Poor sleep for prolonged periods can lead to many undesirable effects on our health and well-being, and acknowledging appreciating the quality and quality of your sleep is the first step towards improving it.

2. The time before you sleep is critical.

Individuals may benefit from a wind down, or processing period before sleep. Things like playing with animals, talking with loved ones, playing gentle music, journaling or light reading can help individuals to unwind and process the events of the day. It is optimal to limit the amount of stimulus and activity during this time. Instead focus on reflection, letting go of the events of the day.

3. Diet can play a role.

Looking at your sleep patterns and waves from the night, can highlight many things. Eating too late, consuming foods which are too hot, spicy, sweet or even rich in caffeine (like chocolate). Or, foods that require heavy absorption close to bed time, can impact on our ability to fall into deep sleep. Recognizing and recording this can be greatly beneficial.

4. Wake with ease and grace.

Tracking your sleep patterns with apps and smart devices also allows you to wake at the best time for you. As the device tracks your sleep cycle, it can wake you at an optimal time for you. To prevent you waking up groggy from a deep cycle, and wake you from a light sleep to help bounce out of bed. An additional benefit is highlighting weekly progress.

Track your sleep with Sleep cycle.

Sleep Cycle is a great app! It looks at your stages of sleep, is an alarm clock and calculates everything you need over time. Highly recommend!

 By Amy Benn

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