5 Habits of Hydrated Health Professionals

Research demonstrates impaired cognitive function and forgetfulness in slight dehydration, which can occur prior to feeling thirsty. It’s a tough stretch working in health care, without placing ourselves at any further disadvantage. If you have difficulty consuming enough fluids through the day. You may benefit from including these habits into your daily routine.

Habit 1. Jug down 250-500 mLs upon waking.

Sleep is the longest time without consuming any food or fluids and lost through condensation of our breath, leaving us in a negative fluid balance. Restoration of fluid stores is paramount. Fill up a coffee mug with two glasses of water before the morning brew. Hot tip, Coffee may be more enjoyable, with a quenched thirst!

Habit 2. An awesome drink bottle.

Having something delightful to look at, makes it much easier and likely to carry around. When you see your favorite bright or shiny color out the corner of your eye, you’re more likely to go and drink from it. Making it conveniently temperature proof, or with your favorite mouth tap can also help. The more you drink from it, the stronger the habit becomes, the more you drink.

Habit 3. Have a whole glass after each meal.

This will help to feel full and satisfied after each meal. It will also aid digestion, and assist with cognition in the next few hours of work after a break.

Habit 4. Spice it up.

Better tasting fluids can help. Adding zest, flavor, vitamins, fruit and tea to a water bottle is a great idea.  If you have something tasty or refreshing, you are more likely to drink purely for the taste. Mix it up, and place flavors during the afternoon or forgetful dry periods of the day, like the afternoon.

Habit 5. Spring and bubble.

Perhaps invest in a Soda stream. Sparkling water can tingle in the mouth, providing a refreshing alternative to alcohol too.

 By Amy Benn

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