10 Reasons to Dry-Body Brush: A self-care ritual for Nurses.

Dry body brushing can help to stimulate the fascia of muscles, the lymphatic system, and the circulatory system. Because it takes nothing more than a brush, time and an act of self-care. The benefits of this ritual are exponential. Read on to discover a list of potential benefits.

1. To exfoliate skin, and prep the skin for fake tan for an even and flawless finish.

2. To relieve muscular stress and tension.

3. As an act of self-love and gratitude.

4. To stimulate the superficial fascia and loosen muscles and tendons to assist mobility.

5. To activate the lymphatic system, particularly in the groin and underarms.

6. To promote circulation.

7. To soften some deposits of hard fat, in preparation for drainage.

8. To relieve mental stress and facilitate a sense of calm.

9. An easy form of self-massage.

10. Dry body brushes also make a great gift! Pick one up from your local health food store.

By Amy Benn

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