The Workout that is proven to wind back the clock

Muscle mass greatly influences not only the way we look; giving us a shapely body, but it also drives our metabolism, burns more energy and has a great impact on our health and the ageing process. If muscle mass peaks in our early twenties and gradually drops off throughout our lifespan, it seems logical to include just a small fraction of our lives building and preserving our precious stores. Included are some benefits of holding onto and building up your muscle mass:

Living better.

The more muscle on your physique, the less likely you are to experience the “getting old” conditions such as; osteoporosis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, unwanted weight gain, and increased susceptibility to illness. With the wonderful advances in modern medicine helping us to live longer, it is also essential that we focus on using that time to live better too, and increase the quality of our lives.

Living Leaner.

Muscle mass is the primary site for ATP turnover, and the most prominent determining factor of our metabolic rate and our daily energy expenditure. Having more muscle mass means you can eat more food, and burn it up faster, leaving you less likely to gain weight throughout your later years and more like your invincible self that you were as a 21 year old.

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Living healthier.

Your muscle mass is the main reservoir and site for amino acid synthesis, including glutamine (a particular amino acid used in all facets of immune activation). When you are fighting illnesses such as; various forms of caners, intestinal conditions such as Crohns and Colitis. Your muscles break down, because your body is using the amino acids to fuel the inflammatory response. So, having a greater storage of muscle mass, gives you more in the bank if you ever do become unwell.

The best workout you could ever do: Resistance/Weight Training

Our ancestors used to go hunting and chop wood for their resistance training. Now, we have the luxury of using dumbbells and bar bells and using them in a safer environment leaving us less prone to death or injury. Using your body mechanics over machines is more beneficial so things like squats, dead lifts, pull ups, and shoulder presses are really the pinnacle in activating large muscle groups, and improving posture and balance.

Embrace the wobble.

Resistance/weight training is a skill, and every time you work out is another opportunity to get better at it, and build your health. Nobody is perfect, and in fact the worse you are at it, the more benefits you will gain in return. Wobbling all over the place allows you to correct your own form, activating tendons, ligaments and muscles all used to support your body weight and the weight you are using. Leaving you less likely to overload on the wrong angle and injure yourself. It is also super beneficial in everyday life, as you become stronger and better equipped to correct your own posture throughout your work day.

Strengthen your weaknesses.

Using a structured resistance training program that identifies and targets your weaker muscles is another beautiful opportunity to gain strength, health and happiness in your everyday life. Things like building a strong supportive back can help your posture and reduce pain, training legs can help with niggling lower body injuries, training your chest, shoulders and arms can help you carry young children, groceries and shopping bags.

By Amy Benn

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