Enhance your results from exercise with Nutrient Timing

Exercise and training is difficult enough, getting to the gym, giving it your all, and doing it consistently is hard work!

If there was a method for enjoying more food, that increased your results from exercise… Would you do it? There is evidence to suggest that including certain nutrients within 1-3 hours post training can dramatically enhance body composition results without changing anything else.

1. Exercise is a good positive short term stress.

When you do an intense workout, your muscles become depleted of glycogen. This leaves them hungry like a dry sponge, ready to suck up any nutrients available. When we eat certain nutrients after our training, we enhance our recovery straight away, which repairs not just our muscles, but restores our energy, hormones and nervous system too.

2. Training is a wonderful window of opportunity.

After the intense workout, the food we eat can replenish the muscles groups worked and energy systems involved. Eg. If you train legs, the food will go straight to your legs! So whatever you eat after your workout will be put towards energy restoration and muscle recovery, not fat gain.

3. There really is no such thing as good or bad foods.

The more we understand and apply this principle, the more we can enjoy a healthy balanced diet and achieve our health and body composition goals at the same time. Including all the things we enjoy, just by strategically placing them in at certain times of the day around our training.

Wholehealth Magazine Amy Benn

4. Enjoy your complex carbs post training.

That’s right, pasta, breads, grains, rice, oats, noodles and potatoes are all great options to enjoy post your training, and part of a healthy balanced diet. Strategically consuming them post your workout, can work to not only facilitate muscle gains, but aid fat loss.

5. Include good protein, fats and veggies too.

Combining your complex carbs with a great source of protein containing all the essential amino acids will also help repair your muscles and help you feel satisfied. Always including some colorful vegetables and a small thumbnail size serve of fat. The combination of complex carbs, fats, veggies and good protein can be sourced from delicious wholefood recipes here.

6. Putting it all together.

Nutrient timing is much easier than you think, a banana or oats in your green smoothie, muesli on your yogurt and berries, meat and three veg with potato, some sweet potato fries along with your stir fry. Or, perhaps a traditional chicken and salad sandwich or toast with your weekend brunch

By Amy Benn

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