4 Ways to take your catch up outside

Spending time in nature can greatly influence wellbeing. Wide-open spaces can bring us insights, perspective, and connect us to our environment. Our senses are heightened and sharpened from the smells, sights, and sounds and even sensations of grass or gravel under our feet. All help us bring our focus to the present moment, and away from the worries of the world, and a bonus dose of Vitamin D.

Here are 5 ideas to take your catch up outside.

1.      Grab a take away, and head to the park.

Enjoying your brew outside or at a park with your friend instead of inside a building is a great way to add more sunshine in your day. Just because they have seats inside, doesn’t mean you have to sit there. Plan to meet at a park with a café nearby and get it to “go”. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t have a play on the equipment either.

2.      Do park run/walk.

There is nothing like a formal event outside to get us up, out of bed and embracing the weather. Parkrun is a free and organized 5km run/walk every Saturday morning in most suburbs, where you get to be a part of your community, and cheered on for free. You can walk, run or jog, you can push a pram and/or take your dog. The community spirit is infectious, and being in a group environment can push you a little further outside your comfort zone than you usually would on your own. And, out of bed on time.

3.      National Parks.

You may be surprised at the number of national parks around Victoria, how easy they are to get to and well equipped they are. A great adventure date with bush walks, rivers, BBQs and picnics are so available to us. It doesn’t necessarily have to be on a day off either, as I have spent many a spring evenings after work on mountain tops just up the road. 

4.      Go for a “walk and talk” with a friend.

There are so many parks, trails, ovals and tracks around if you open up your google maps you can see just how many there are around you right now. Chatting to your friends whilst walking can really help the mind too, you may gain a different perspective on a problem or even workshop it. You can also laugh much louder than a café and tell you're inappropriate secrets without worrying if your neighbor can hear you.

By Amy Benn

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