About Amy Benn

Hi, I’m so glad to have found you,

Wholeheart Magazine has been a project of mine in the making for many years. I became very health conscious, at age 14, after my diagnosis of Crohns disease. I was incredibly inspired by the care I received as a teenage patient, I knew I wanted to help others, so I naturally gravitated towards nursing.

Editor and Wellness Expert Amy Benn

Editor and Wellness Expert Amy Benn

Managing my health and well-being became quite challenging as I perused my chosen specialty of Intensive Care Nursing in one of Melbourne’s major metropolitan hospitals, and becoming a teacher of the Nursing profession. Alongside my post-graduate academia in Health, I studied Meditation, Fitness and Nutrition. All in the pursuit of absorbing more knowledge and understanding to implement positive lifestyle habits within my own life, to improve my own health.

I found that incorporating a balanced lifestyle which consisted of restorative practices, eating more healthy whole foods, lifting weights, a connection to nature, my community and those close to me, has helped me strengthen my immune system. Which has dramatically improved my health.

I fell into fitness modeling as a side career after I set a goal to train for my first photo shoot in 2015, and I helped others with their health and fitness goals.

My vision is to equip Nurses, Midwives and Health Professionals with the knowledge and understanding I perused for myself, to cope with the demands of working in health care, and to enhance their own lives through great health and well-being.

I now experience medication-free remission from Crohns Disease and the best health of my life. I believe our biggest opportunities lie in our challenges. And, the greatest investment we can ever make, is one in ourselves, and our wellness.

Proudly studying Meditation through Australian Center of Holistic Studies